Potensia x Crusty's Pizza

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The Brief

Crusty’s is a fresh cloud kitchen in Dubai focusing on making top-notch pizza and pasta. As a newcomer to the food scene, they were eager to make their mark. They understood that in a place as bustling as Dubai, standing out requires more than just great food. To expand their reach and get the attention of food lovers, they wanted to harness the potential of online platforms and social media. With a vision to connect with a wider audience, they were committed to using digital avenues to introduce their flavors and establish a strong customer base.

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Services provided

  • Social Media
  • Paid Media

The Challenge

Crusty’s reached out to Potensia Media with a clear goal in mind: they wanted a strong social media presence and the ability to attract food lovers using effective paid media tactics. However, as a newcomer in the food industry, they faced challenges in establishing a recognizable online identity. Their social media pages were scattered, lacking a consistent theme or messaging. Additionally, they were unsure how to effectively use paid media to target the right audience. They wanted to convert online followers into real-life customers, but the path seemed unclear. With these challenges, Crusty’s sought the expertise of Potensia Media to navigate the digital space effectively.


We knew that Crusty’s was all about great taste, so we wanted their online posts to show that real, tasty side of them. We picked pictures that showed how yummy Crusty’s food looked and made sure they fit the brand’s feel. At the same time, we worked on making their paid ads work better, making sure they got the most value for their money in reaching and connecting with people.

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The Outcome

Our efforts for Crusty’s soon started showing promising results. Their social media channels buzzed with activity, with more people engaging with their content and sharing it. The content we designed didn’t just get views; it caught the attention of the audience, turning many casual visitors into dedicated followers and fans. A significant sign of our achievements was the rise in people showing interest in their offerings and signing up for their courses. Thanks to our strategic approach, Crusty’s has successfully bridged the gap between its online and offline popularity, laying a solid foundation for continued growth in the future.