Potensia Media X Memos Pizzeria

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The Brief

Memos Pizzeria, a unique dining spot in Saudi Arabia, had trouble showing its artistic and nostalgic vibe online. We set up photoshoots that captured the heart of Memos. This has resulted in heightened social media interactions, more engagement with online promotions, and a digital experience that mirrors the luxury and authenticity Memos serves on a plate, strengthening their online presence match the special experience they offer in person.

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Services provided

  • Social Media
  • Paid Media
  • SEO
  • Photography and Videography
  • Website Design and Development.

The Challenge

Memos, eager to create a strong online presence that resonated with their unique blend of art and nostalgia, faced challenges like low website traffic, lackluster conversion rates, and campaigns that didn’t capture their essence. Since their launch, Potensia has partnered with Memos, steering the launch of their social media platforms, molding a brand identity that echoes their ethos, and establishing a website that truly represents them. This partnership aimed to bridge the gap between Memos’ rich narrative and its online footprint.


For Memos, we crafted a digital marketing plan centered on boosting their online visibility and engagement. We introduced SEO techniques using tools like SEMrush to elevate their search ranking, developed fresh content through WordPress, and initiated social media promotions using Hootsuite to bolster their presence. Additionally, with Google Ads we rolled out targeted campaigns and revamped their website for optimal user experience. Throughout this process, Google Analytics played a crucial role in measuring and refining our strategies.

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The Outcome

After implementing our strategies for Memos, we witnessed significant growth in their online metrics. Their website traffic surged, conversion rates climbed, sales got a notable boost, and they ranked higher on search results. In conclusion, our tailored approach proved effective for Memos, reinforcing the importance of cohesive digital strategies in enhancing a brand’s presence and performance online. We learned that authenticity combined with the right tools can significantly transform digital outreach.

Post our engagement, Memos not only saw tangible improvements in their digital metrics but also felt a strengthened connection with their audience. The blend of art and nostalgia which is central to their brand was now vividly mirrored online. This journey emphasized how pivotal it is for businesses to ensure that their digital persona authentically resonates with their core ethos. The success with Memos underscores the fact that when the essence of a brand is correctly channeled online, it leads to deeper engagement and loyalty from its audience.