Potensia X Al Wathba Dates

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The Brief

Al Wathba Dates, despite their renowned heritage and premium products, perceived the need to transcend traditional marketing boundaries and solidify their digital presence. Approaching Potensia Media, their intent was clear: to harness the digital sphere effectively and ensure their authentic narrative and product excellence echoed across online platforms.

Al Wathba Dates’ objective was clear-cut. They wanted to showcase their rich heritage and premium products effectively in the digital space. More than just online visibility, they aimed to drive sales and strengthen brand loyalty, positioning themselves as the top choice for date enthusiasts.

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Services provided

  • Social Media Management
  • Photography and Videography
  • Paid Media
  • Website Design and Development.

The Challenge

For Al Wathba Dates, maintaining a cohesive brand identity was paramount. We tapped into this need and ensured uniformity across all social media platforms.

To drive sales, we launched optimized paid media campaigns targeting their core audience. Alongside, our team developed a website, offering a seamless platform that showcased Al Wathba Dates’ products and rich legacy.


For Al Wathba Dates, we crafted a visual narrative on their social media feed that reflected their rich heritage. Every image and post was tailored to echo the brand’s ethos, offering viewers a glimpse into their storied legacy.

Additionally, we took charge of their community management. Beyond mere interactions, we fostered meaningful conversations, ensuring each engagement reinforced Al Wathba Dates’ dedication to quality and tradition.

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The Outcome

Through our strategic interventions, we fortified Al Wathba Dates’ brand presence across all key social media platforms, ensuring a consistent reflection of their rich legacy. Every interaction was designed to deepen the brand’s resonance with its audience.

Additionally, we integrated e-commerce functionalities into their website, providing a streamlined platform for their customers. Since this incorporation, the website has become a hub for their offerings.