About potensia media

Where Promise Meets Precision

Welcome to Potensia, the embodiment of the promise that all businesses seek but seldom find: Honesty, Transparency, and Excellence. We’re more than just a digital marketing agency; we are your partners in growth, dedicated to catapulting your brand into digital stardom.

Our Journey

From Humble Beginnings to Digital Dominance Originating in the vibrant city of Dubai in 2018, Potensia was born out of a passion for digital innovation and a commitment to transformative results.

In a few short years, we’ve not only expanded our geographical footprint across Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Pakistan, and Cairo but have also marked ourselves as a significant player in the digital domain.

By the Numbers

Quantifying Our Commitment

50+ Satisfied Clients:

  • Trust and results are at the core of every partnership we forge. We’ve had the honor of collaborating with a diverse range of clients, each echoing our dedication to excellence.

50 Dedicated Team Members:

  • Our team is our strength. A blend of creative minds and analytical thinkers, each member brings unique expertise, ensuring a holistic approach to digital solutions.

Over 120 Successfully Completed Projects:

  • From dynamic websites to compelling marketing campaigns, our portfolio is a testament to our versatility and expertise.

$20 Million in Paid Ads:

  • We don’t just spend; we invest. This massive investment is a reflection of our confidence in the strategies we curate and the results we anticipate.

500+ Million Organic Reach on Social Media:

  • In the crowded realm of social media, our campaigns have resonated with half a billion people, organically. This staggering figure underscores our knack for creating content that genuinely connects.

Meet The Team

Mohamed Saied Managing Director
Ahmed Abdelhamid Digital Director
Kanu Al Kindi
Media Director
Hamis Arieda
Head Of Production
Rebeca Pop
PR & Communications Director
Thanzil Shamnad
Strategy Director
Mahmoud Taha
Head of Performance
Yara El Tayeb
Social Media Lead
Mohmed Tarek
Creative Manager
Manahil Ali
Social Media Executive
Mustafa Mansoor Social Media Executive
Sarah Azab
Social Media Executive
Heba Kawashtii
Social Media Executive
Muhammad Afsal
Senior Graphic Designer
Ashin Ameer
Prajun Dev
Video Editor
Mostafa Haroun
Dalia Hamdy Performance Executive
Yehya Gaber
Performance Executive
Engy Radwan
Performance Executive
Mohamed Taha
Performance Executive
M. Zeeshan Khalil
Web Developer
Mamoon Mohamed Graphic Designer