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The Brief

Wathbah Real Estate, a leading property developer in KSA, faced a challenge with their lackluster digital presence due to limited assets on social media. To address this, a dedicated photography and videography shoot was conducted, tailored to resonate with the Saudi audience’s cultural preferences. The revamped digital strategy resulted in a significant boost in online engagement, attracting a larger organic following and firmly establishing Wathbah’s digital prominence in the KSA real estate market.

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Services provided

  • Social Media
  • Photography
  • Videography

The Challenge

Wathbah Real Estate’s social media platforms in KSA were stifled by uniformity. The dearth of varied digital assets resulted in a monotonous online presence that inadequately portrayed the company’s diverse property portfolio. Such monotony failed to captivate potential customers. The repetitive visuals and content not only undervalued the brand’s offerings but also limited engagement. In an industry where visuals significantly influence decisions, Wathbah’s lackluster digital showcase hindered its potential to appeal to its target audience. The situation underscored the need for an immediate digital revamp to reflect the company’s true essence and breadth of offerings.


To address Wathbah Real Estate’s digital content void, a multi-pronged solution was adopted. The team organized specialized photography and videography shoots, capturing Wathbah’s properties in their entirety: from grand skyline panoramas to detailed interior designs. But it wasn’t just about aesthetics. Understanding the unique preferences of the KSA audience was paramount. A comprehensive study was undertaken to gauge the tastes and sensibilities of the Saudi audience, ensuring the content was not only visually stunning but also culturally resonant. This synergy of visually rich and culturally tailored content aimed to create a deeper connection with potential customers and elevate Wathbah’s online presence.

The Outcome

The transformation of Wathbah Real Estate’s online presence, driven by the revamped digital strategy, was nothing short of remarkable. With the infusion of high-quality, culturally attuned content, their digital platforms experienced a palpable surge in engagement. This wasn’t mere passive scrolling by users; the interactions were meaningful. The well-researched and finely executed content strategy led to a significant growth in their organic following.

Potential customers, previously passive observers, now began proactively engaging with the brand, driven by the resonating content. Queries, comments, shares – the digital indicators of interest saw a marked increase. This renewed interest was also a testament to how the new visual assets captured Wathbah’s properties: majestic skylines, intricate interiors, all tailored to resonate with the local KSA audience.

This digital renaissance did more than just increase numbers. It cemented Wathbah’s position as a digital frontrunner in the KSA real estate arena. Where their platforms once languished in uniformity, they now stood out, setting a benchmark for competitors and showcasing Wathbah’s properties as the epitome of luxury and cultural relevance.