Potensia X Al Jaber Opticals

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The Brief

Established in 1982 by the Al Jaber Group, Al Jaber Optical has grown to be the leading eyewear company in the UAE, operating over 40 shops across prime locations. Focusing not just on fashionable eyewear but also on quality vision-care products, they prioritize their customers’ needs, earning them numerous accolades, including the Best Service Performance Brand for four consecutive years. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the specialized services they offer, utilizing a team of expert optometrists and state-of-the-art labs. These case study will be covering our client challenges, solution and results.

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Services provided

  • Social Media
  • Paid Media
  • SEO
  • Photography and Videography
  • Website Design and Development.

The Challenge

Al Jaber Optical, a leading eyewear company in the UAE, wanted to improve their online presence and strengthen their place in the market. But they dealt with issues like mixed-up accounts on different platforms, no clear brand look, and no activity on social media, which made it hard for them to connect with customers. The client needs an optimal solution for these challenges. Addressing these problems was vital not just for their online growth but also to uphold the reputation they had built over the years. A revamped digital approach could potentially open up new avenues for customer engagement and sales.


Potensia Media took the lead in organizing and enhancing Al Jaber Optical’s social media profiles. Our hands-on approach ensured that their online presence was not only restored but also thrived. By scheduling regular photoshoots, we ensured a steady flow of fresh content for their audience. Additionally, by teaming up with well-known influencers, we brought the brand closer to its audience. The culmination of these efforts was seen in the successful social media campaigns that significantly boosted traffic and raised awareness of the Al Jaber Optical brand.

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The Outcome

After initiating our strategies for Al Jaber Optical, we observed a marked improvement in their digital metrics. Their website traffic skyrocketed, conversion rates increased, sales rose considerably. The outcome? Over a million views on TikTok and a whopping 358.2% increase in reach across all their platforms. In summing up, our customized tactics bore fruit for Al Jaber Optical, underlining the critical role of integrated digital strategies in boosting a brand’s online profile and results. Our experience highlighted that when a brand’s core values are genuinely represented online, it significantly magnifies audience engagement and commitment.

Their esteemed reputation in the eyewear sector was now clearly reflected in their online presence. This venture highlighted the importance for companies to ensure their online image genuinely aligns with their foundational principles. The achievements with Al Jaber Optical confirm that when a brand’s essence is effectively portrayed online, it fosters increased trust and affinity among its patrons.