Potensia x UNO Real Estate: Case Study

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The Brief

UNO Real Estate, a real estate agency, faced a challenge with their digital presence due to a shortage of quality media assets for their social media platforms. To address this, we conducted a targeted photoshoot to capture authentic visuals and also integrated licensed photos to diversify their graphics collection. This comprehensive approach revitalized their online engagement, leading to increased interactions on social media, higher click-through rates on paid media, and an enhanced website user experience, solidifying UNO’s digital footprint in the real estate market.

Services provided

  • Social Media
  • Paid Media
  • SEO
  • Photography and Videography
  • Website Design and Development.

The Challenge

UNO Estate faced several digital branding issues. They struggled with their online visibility, making it tough to connect with potential clients. They also had a confusing brand image, which made it hard for them to stand out among stronger competitors in the real estate market. UNO Estate didn’t have an attractive and easy-to-use website, which could turn away people interested in their properties. They didn’t use social media effectively, so they missed out on reaching a bigger audience looking for homes. The client needed an expertise to find a solution for these struggles.


Organized professional shoots of UNO Estate to capture the exclusive properties that they offer. Developed engaging content that positioned UNO Estate as a thought leader in the industry. Targeted Advertisements and SEO initiatives. The softwares that was mostly used for these implementation were Photoshop, Google Analytics, and Premiere Pro.
Uno - Banner -5
Uno - Banner - 6
Uno - Banner - 7
Uno - Banner - 8

The Outcome

We swiftly became the clients primary consultants for UNO Estate on branding and marketing strategies. Our extensive research into their branding combined with our expertise prompted them to have us refine and expand their brand guidelines. This involved detailing consistent use of fonts, colors, images, and estate-specific visuals.

Further, we updated their current stationery to match the enhanced brand visuals. Consequently, UNO Estate now has a cohesive set of branded materials, from letterheads and business cards to PowerPoint templates and email signatures. As for their social media presence we have generated leads and organized their instagram to look more uniform and successfully created a brand image for Uno Estate.